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    Home Tuition Class

    Home Tuition Class is a tuition class conduct by a tutor/teacher in his/her house, with a scheduled time and small group of students. Normally home tuition class is cheaper compare to 1 to 1 home tuition at the student's house.
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    Page :- 3 of 221      Number of Classes Offer :- 2209
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    Class ID 2230
    Last update on 2020-01-21
    Location Setia Alam
    Subjects Mathematics (pre school, primary school and secondary school until form 3)
    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time Sunday (depends on level)
    Tuition Fee RM200 / month (total of 4 session)
    Max. no of Students1 students
    RemarkHi, I provide mathematics tutoring on Sunday. Kids learn mathematics through games and worksheet. I am patient and good in explaining maths concept to kids.
    At the end of every month, I will inform parents on their kids progress.
    I have recently moved to setia alam area and am starting private tutoring at my home.
    TutorMs.tan  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2229
    Last update on 2020-01-13
    Location Sri Petaling, Bukit Jalil
    Subjects SPM. STPM. O-level, A-level, degree
    Duration1.00 hour
    Class Time 6.30 -10.30 pm weekdays
    Tuition Fee RM55 - 60 per hour
    Max. no of Students3 students
    TutorNurhidayah Hamdan  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2228
    Last update on 2020-01-05
    Location Cyberjaya, Putrajaya
    Subjects Maths:years 1-6
    Maths:Form 1-5
    Add Maths, Account
    (Local sylibus)
    Duration2.00 hour
    Class Time Monday-Friday (8-10pm)
    *Choose one day
    Tuition Fee Years 1-6: RM30 per hour
    Form 1-3: RM35 per hour
    Form 4-5: RM40 per hour
    Max. no of Students5 students
    TutorHanis Binti Saleh  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2227
    Last update on 2019-11-26
    Location Saujana Utama, Sungai Buloh
    Subjects Primary School - Math, Eng & BM
    Secondary School - Geography & Sejarah
    Duration1.00 hour
    Class Time Primary School
    1. Monday (7pm-10pm)
    2. Tuesday (7pm-10pm)
    Seconday School
    1. Friday (7pm-10pm)
    Tuition Fee Primary School - RM20 per hour , Secondary school - RM35 per hour
    Max. no of Students3 students
    RemarkTeaching with passion and always aim A's for all the subject. Snack will be prepared for the refreshment purposes.
    TutorNur Faiezatul Shaznie Binti Samsudin  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2226
    Last update on 2019-11-25
    Location Taman Cuepacs, Cheras
    Subjects Primary- BM, English, Math, Science
    Form 1-3 English
    Duration2.00 hour
    Class Time Weekdays: evening/night
    Weekends: Morning/afternoon
    Tuition Fee Rm 50 per hour per subject
    Max. no of Students3 students
    TutorTania Asokan  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2225
    Last update on 2019-11-14
    Location Kota Kemuning,shah Alam
    Subjects All primary level subjects/pre-school(homework guidance class)


    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time Monday to Friday ( can be discussed)
    Tuition Fee Pre-school level RM30/HR
    Max. no of Students5 students
    TutorJashvini Nair  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2224
    Last update on 2019-11-02
    Location Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras
    Subjects Standard 1 - 3 English
    Standard 4 - 6 English
    Form 1 - 3 English
    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time Monday:
    5.30pm - 7.00pm
    7.30pm - 9.00pm

    5.30pm - 7.00pm
    7.30pm - 9.00pm

    5.30pm - 7.00pm
    7.30pm - 9.00pm

    5.30pm - 7.00pm
    7.30pm - 9.00pm

    8.00am - 9.30am
    10.00am - 11.30am

    8.00am - 9.
    Tuition Fee Standard 1 - 3
    RM150 per month

    Standard 4 - 6
    RM180 per month

    Form 1 - 3
    RM210 per month
    Max. no of Students10 students
    RemarkThe tuition class will give more concentration on the weakness of different students. Exercises and practices will make the differences.
    TutorKhalid Redza Bin Ramlan  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2223
    Last update on 2019-09-13
    Location Subang Jaya
    Subjects PMR, SPM, STPM
    Duration2.00 hour
    Class Time Weekday/weekend
    Tuition Fee Depends on subject/level
    Max. no of Students8 students
    RemarkClasses available are Math/Add Math/Accounts/Economics
    TutorZoe Wong  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2222
    Last update on 2019-09-12
    Location Shah Alam
    Subjects standard 1-6 mathematics
    form 1-3 mathematics
    form 4-5 mathematics and additional mathematics
    Duration2.00 hour
    Class Time MONDAY 8AM-4PM
    SUNDAY 8AM-11AM, 3PM-7PM
    Tuition Fee standard 1-6 RM45
    Form 1-3 RM 50

    Mathematics RM55
    Additional mathematics RM60
    Max. no of Students3 students
    TutorSyafieza Binti Saidin  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2221
    Last update on 2019-09-04
    Location Seremban
    Subjects Physics, Chemistry and Bio (IGCSE & SPM)
    Duration2.00 hour
    Class Time TBD
    Tuition Fee RM70/hr
    Max. no of Students20 students
    Remarkthis is for a new centre starting in September.
    TutorD.p.nathan  click to see this tutor profile
      1 2 (3) 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 
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