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    Tutor (ALEX LIT ( Biology, Maths And Science)) Information

      This tutor has verified his/her handphone number with us.
    Tutor Details
    Tutor ID 19143
    Tutor Name ALEX LIT ( Biology, Maths And Science)
    37 year old Chinese man   37 year old chinese man
    Cover Area Mont Kiara, Bangsar, Mutiara Damansara, Tropicana, Damansara, Ara Damansara
    Qualification Master Degree of Science
    Experience 6 years
    Current Occupation Full Time Tutor
    Available Time Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night
    Subjects Offered
    Secondary UpperBiology
    Modern Math

    Secondary LowerMathematic

    Description Of Tuition Service
    BSc. Biochemistry (UM)
    MSc. Sports Science (USM)

    Total of 9 years teaching experience in home tuition, with 6 years being a full time tutor.

    I am also a school teacher in Grace Homeschool under Grace Resource Centre at Taman Mayang, PJ, teaching IGCSE year 10 and year 11 Biology.

    Latest track record:

    IGCSE Biology

    1. Joy-ve, year 11, Gardens International School
    Improved and score A in her short assessment in Garden International School only after one month having tuition. Later, she also score A in her mock (trial) for IGCSE Biology. Finally, she scored A for Biology in IGCSE exam in May-14 paper.

    2. Joash Tee, year 11, Grace Homeschool
    Improved from 75% to 90% in 1 month in his school exam, being the top scorer for Biology in his school.

    3. Meg Ong, year 11, Gardens International School
    Previously unable to score A in Coordinated Science because she did not do well in Biology section, somewhere around C for Biology. With just 2 months of tuition, she managed to improve her Biology and score AA for Coordinated Science in IGCSE exam in May-14 paper.

    4. Emma Hodges, year 11, ELC International School
    Previously she failed all the school exams for Biology. After 3 months of tuition, she passed her Biology in trial exam for the first time.

    SPM Biology

    5. Kamila, Form 5, SMK Bukit Bandaraya
    Previously getting 50%++ in most of her school exams for Biology. Scored A in her SPM Biology after tuition for 1 year.

    6. Asyraf, Form 4, SMK Bukit Bandaraya
    Scored 84% in his monthly test for Biology.

    7. Rebecca Lim, Form 5, SMK Bandar Utama Damansara
    Improved from 55% to 78% in her exam after tuition for 3 months. Scored A in her SPM Biology

    8. Aishah, Form 5, Sri KDU
    Previously she failed her Biology school exams all the time. She came to me 2 months before sitting for SPM and she managed to get a B+ in her SPM Biology.

    9. Hui May, Form 5
    Previously she has been consistently getting around 50%++ level throughout the exams in F4 and early F5. She came to me since April and her Biology improved to 72% in her latest school exam.

    SPM modern Maths

    10. Hafiz, Form 4
    Improved from 26% to 69% in his F4 final exam.

    PT3 Science

    11. Johar, Form 1, SMK Bukit Bandaraya
    Score 84% for Science in his mid-term exam.

    PT3 Maths

    12. Nicholas, Form 1, SMK Tropicana
    Improved from 50% to score A in his final exam for maths after tuition for 2 months.

    Weekdays: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night

    Fees are negotiable during interview depending on subject level and tuition location.

    Teaching approach:

    1. Custom made notes are provided for efficient learning experience.

    2. Mobile whiteboard will be used for the best illustrative purpose and understanding.

    3. Students will be trained on effective learning system and memorizing skills.

    4. Students will be trained on strategies and techniques in answering pass year questions.

    5. Students will be guided in goal settings and planning their revision schedule.

    Adequate amount of effort in study together with individualized guidance and attention from teachers bring good results..
    If you (parents / students) would like this tutor (ALEX LIT ( Biology, Maths And Science)) to contact you, you may submit the tutor query form or call our consultant Mr Lai at 018-3822330. This service only available for parents and students.
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