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    Tutor (Magendran Lachee) Information

    Tutor Details
    Tutor ID 23533
    Tutor Name Magendran Lachee
    24 year old Indian man   24 year old indian man
    Cover Area Taman Melawis, Teluk Pulai, Bayu Perdana, Palm Groove
    Qualification Diploma in Medical Assistant
    Experience 1 years
    Current Occupation Professional services (medical, legal, etc.)
    Available Time Evening, Night
    Subjects Offered

    Secondary LowerScience

    Secondary UpperScience

    Description Of Tuition Service
      Besides being passionate about my career in the medical field, I have an enormous passion in sharing scientific knowledge to curios and growing youngsters. I have been teaching science and biology for the past one year for primary and secondary school students. Since I'm pursuing my career in medical field, I am able to use real life interesting problems related to the curriculum as examples in my lessons and this had made students feel much more intrigued. Lessons will be planned according to the school's curriculum which includes lecture notes, exercises, past year questions and additional real life case studies to expand the young minds scientifically and to prepare for the school examinations. I have also some networking help to access certain schools' past year trial papers, such as MRSM's which is know for having higher standard questions. I believe this will give the students a tougher practice and prepare them for the hardest situations.
    If you (parents / students) would like this tutor (Magendran Lachee) to contact you, you may submit the tutor query form or call our consultant Ivon at 012-3436703. This service only available for parents and students.
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