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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Freaquently asked questions about services.

  • General

  • For parents or students who are looking for home tutors

  • For tutors who looking for students

  • For Tuition Centres
  • General
    1. What is the service that provide ? provides a home tuition matching service, where we help parents or students to find their home tutor. Concurrently, we also help the tutors to find tuition jobs.
    For Parents and Students
    1. How do I engage a private home tuition tutor through ?
    There are 3 methods to post your request.
  • Simply fill up the form at our request a tutor page
  • Email to
  • Call/SMS us at 018-3822330

  • We will call you to verify and confirm your request details before shortlisting tutors for you.
    2. Do I have to pay for the service?
    No, our matching service is totally free for students or parents. We will only charge referral fee from the tutor.
    3. How long does it take to get a tutor after submitting a request ?
    Upon receiving your request, we will call you within 24 hours to confirm your request details. Normally the shortlisted tutors will contact you around 48 hours or less to discuss the details, such as schedule, rate, appointment etc.
    4. Can I change the tutor if I found that he or she is not suitable?
    Yes. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the tutor we recommended, you are allowed to do so without any charge. But you are required to pay the tuition fees for all the tuition sessions given (Unless the tutor has agreed to offer free trial classes).
    5. How much do the tutors charge?
    This is highly dependent on your search criteria for a tutor and would different from individual to individual. You may refer to our tuition rate page. Of course, it is just a guide and is subjected to changes.
    6. How is the timetable scheduled?
    The timetable can be flexible as per your requirements and is negotiable with the tutor.

    For Tutors
    1. How do I register myself as a private home tutor?
    You may register via our online registration page, the registration process should take less than 10 minutes.
    2. Do I have to pay for the registration ?
    No, registration as a tutor is free of charge.
    3. What are the benefits to register as a tutor?
    Once you are registered as a tutor, you are entitled to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Your profile will be posted in our website, and searchable by the parents or students through our website.
  • You can apply for unlimited Tuition jobs as you like after login into your account.
  • We might shortlist you as a tutor for certain tuition jobs.
    4. Do I have to pay for the referral service?
    Yes, Maximum 50% ( Premium member 35% ) of the first full month's (or first 4 weeks) tuition fee is the commission payable to E.g: Monthly tuition fees is RM 350.00. Tutor is responsibled to settle RM 175.00 to once the first month tuition fee or first payment from the parent is received.
    5. How do I make the payment for the referral fee?
    We accept bank-in ,transfer via ATM or Maybank2u, and cheque. Payment information is available after tutor login.
    6. What if I do not pay the commission to after I received the first month tuition fee ?
  • We will contact the parents or students to inform them the situation, and convince them to get a replacement tutor. (We believe parents / students prefer an honest tutor)
  • You tutor account will be suspended.
  • You name will be backlisted in our website permanently.
    7. How do I contact
    You may send us an email at or call Mr Lai at 018-3822330. or use our contact us page.

    For Tuition Centres
    1. What is Tuition Centre Network?
    Tuitionmall Tuition Centre Network is targeted at tuition centres operating in Malaysia, it linkup all tuition centres and provide more online exposure with very simple method.
    2. Do I have to pay for the registration ?
    No, registration as a standard member of the tuition centre network is free of charge.
    3. What are the benefits to join the tuition centre network?
    Once you register with our tuition centre network, you are entitled to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Tuition centre directory listing
  • Standard Tuition Centre Online Business Card ( Click Here to view sample )
  • Administration login to update the tuition centre profile
  • Tuition job offer posting
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