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    Home Tuition Class

    Home Tuition Class is a tuition class conduct by a tutor/teacher in his/her house, with a scheduled time and small group of students. Normally home tuition class is cheaper compare to 1 to 1 home tuition at the student's house.
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    Class ID 2133
    Last update on 2017-07-18
    Location Shah Alam Seksyen 25
    Subjects Level : Primary
    Subject :Eng, Bm, Science ,Tamil
    Duration1.00 hour
    Class Time 6:00pm to 10:00 pm everyday
    Tuition Fee Per subject Rm 25-30 can nego
    Max. no of Students2 students
    RemarkFor further inquiry pls do contact or whatsapp me TQ:
    TutorRaaginee   click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2132
    Last update on 2017-07-13
    Location Bukit Jalil
    Subjects Matematik & Sains
    Mathematics & Science (DLP program)
    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time Sunday
    Tuition Fee Std 1-3 : RM60/month
    Std 4-6 : RM70/month
    Form 1-3 : RM80/month
    Max. no of Students5 students
    RemarkHome tuition class in Bukit Jalil area or I can come to your place if you can find a group of 5 students. Personal one-to-one tuition can be held with different fees.
    TutorAfiza Binti Shari  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2131
    Last update on 2017-06-27
    Location Kuala Lumpur (near Klcc)
    Subjects English and Mathematics
    Duration2.00 hour
    Class Time Weekends (10am-9pm)
    Weekdays (After 7pm)
    Tuition Fee 1-to-1 fees:
    Std 1-3: RM30; Std 4-6: RM35; Form 1-3: RM40
    General English: RM35
    Group fees:
    Above basic fees +RM20 for each student
    Max. no of Students5 students
    RemarkAustralian university graduate with a passion for teaching. I have taught children (UPSR level) and teens (PMR level) in Mathematics and English for approximately 1 year. I will access the students' weak areas and dedicate myself to improve students' abilities. Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any enquiries.
    TutorAnne  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2130
    Last update on 2017-06-19
    Location Sri Gombak
    Subjects Primary BM, English, Mathematics
    Secondary BM, English, Mathematics
    Duration2.00 hour
    Class Time Negotiable
    Tuition Fee Negotiable
    Max. no of Students4 students
    RemarkThe location to my house is very easy. I have other students who have been studying with me for three years. I will teach according to the syllabus set by the MOE.
    TutorSharmilla Narkiran  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2129
    Last update on 2017-06-13
    Location Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru
    Subjects English -- Up to MUET level.
    Duration2.00 hour
    Class Time Afternoon or evening.
    Tuition Fee RM35 per hour.
    Max. no of Students3 students
    RemarkEven beginners with little or no knowledge of English will benefit from my classes.
    TutorJames Lou  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2128
    Last update on 2017-06-07
    Location Penang
    Subjects Form 1 - form 5 math and add maths
    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time Once a week
    Tuition Fee 30/hour
    Max. no of Students5 students
    RemarkThe class will be small and I can guide you personally
    TutorTeh Jiashen  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2127
    Last update on 2017-06-19
    Location Sandakan
    Subjects UPSR - Bahasa Melayu, English, Math
    PT3 - Bahasa Melayu, Sejarah, English
    SPM - Bahasa Melayu, Sejarah, Perdagangan
    STPM - Bahasa Melayu, Pengajian Perniagaan
    Malay Language for Adult (Non Speaker)
    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time 9.00 AM until 10.00 PM
    Tuition Fee UPSR - MYR 30 (Per Hour)
    PT3 - RM 35 (Per Hour)
    SPM - MYR 40
    STPM - MYR 45
    Max. no of Students10 students
    RemarkTutor with more than 3 years experiences. Previously attached with well known tuition centre in Klang Valley.
    Proven ability to enhance student performance on subject matter as well as changing student perception towards the subject.
    TutorJasman Jafa  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2126
    Last update on 2017-05-27
    Location Bandar Nusaputra Puchong, Putra Perdana Puchong
    Subjects PT3 – Mathematics,
    SPM – Mathematics & Additional Mathematics
    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time Monday to Friday: 3 pm onwards
    Saturday & Sunday: 7 pm – 10 pm
    Tuition Fee One to one tuition:
    PT3 - RM 35/Hr & SPM - RM 45/Hr
    Group tuition:
    PT3 – RM 75/month & SPM – RM 90/month
    Max. no of Students5 students
    RemarkI am conducting the following tuition classes:
    1) One to one private tuition. This private and personalized tuition will raise your child's academic levels beside develop a sense of enjoyment in their learning. It can be conducted either in my home or student's home.
    2) Group tuition class with a maximum of 5 students. A small class will ensure a better focus tutoring and a more interactive learning outcome.
    TutorGlister Mak  click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2125
    Last update on 2017-05-11
    Location Farlim, Paya Terubong, Air Itam Penang
    Subjects Primary-bm, bi, science, math,computer (UPSR)
    Secondary-bm,bi,sej,geo,science,math,kh,moral ,account, perdagangan, ekonomi, account(PT3,SPM)
    STPM- pengajian am, account, pengajian perniagaan,sejarah, ekonomi
    Duration1.50 hour
    Class Time Weekdays night class
    weekend evening or night class
    Tuition Fee RM35-60 per hour
    Max. no of Students3 students
    RemarkStudy smart not study hard
    skor in the right way in exam
    TutorMelody   click to see this tutor profile
    Class ID 2124
    Last update on 2017-04-23
    Location Petaling Jaya
    Subjects Standard 1 - 6 (English, Math, Science)
    Form 1 - 3 (English, Math, Science, Geography, History)
    Duration2.00 hour
    Class Time Sunday -
    3 pm - 5 pm
    5 pm - 7 pm
    7 pm - 9 pm
    Tuition Fee RM 50 per hour
    Max. no of Students5 students
    RemarkHi friends,

    Home Tuition PJ area only.

    - Offering one to one private tuition specialising in Modern Mathematics, Geography, History, English. Science and Moral for students of Standard 1 - Form 5.
    -Available on weekends.
    TutorDharrisan Murugan  click to see this tutor profile
      6 7 8 9 10 (11) 12 13 14 15 
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